We are in a continuous process of researching and developing. We maintain a strong service commitment to our customers, by offering customized and individual solutions.

The quality of our products begins with the steel used in the manufacturing process. They are made from European steel of the highest quality, using different alloys in order to cover most applications and requirements of the food industry.

Our bandsaw blades and knives are manufactured along modern processing lines and we make use of the latest technologies to achieve a product of the highest quality in order to satisfy the industry needs.

We offer a wide range of tooth shapes and finishes, assuring the highest performance and achieving the highest volumes of production.

Our manufacturing process allows us to offer flexibility in tooth shapes, settings, and finishes in order to customize the product to satisfy the needs of the end user. This allows for better efficiency, less downtime and better cutting results providing both an improvement in the appearance of product and reducing the amount of waste generated by cutting.